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About Us

SWORDFISH HEALTHCARE's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality customer service to

both our clients and providers. We have created a one of a kind "TARGET recruitment method,

designed by physicians, for physicians! This style of recruiting is based on years of compiling

information from locum tenens clients and physicians to offer what we challenge each Hospital,

Clinic, Physician in private practice or any other healthcare recruitment office manager to take us

up on. We understand our clients often are desperately seeking a healthcare physician, NP, PA,

or other medical staff professional with limited resources. With our Target style of recruitment,

your revolving door of unqualified or less than desirable candidates who are often force filling

into less than perfect practice settings...Let us show you the techniques and educate you, so you

will not have to settle searching and reaching out to the same old fashioned recruiting styles with

outdated "pipeline recruitment" practices. This is when these agencies gather providers long

before they even know what your facility is looking for or needing, more importantly wanting, and

within a day of you indicating you have a new opportunity, the agency has filled up your inbox with 30 unmatched candidates.


This method is used by 90% of agencies still today. Let us Target your candidate specifically to your needs and the needs of your patients. We can streamline your search with up to date resources more importantly offer a personal touch so many industries have lost. We offer you a personal research marketing consultant that will demand the job details! Our marketing team has been trained to not stop asking questions until you both are very confident that every detail about the position, the location, the facility, the expectations of the ideal candidate communicated, We are going as far as possible to take the work and worry off your shoulders. So we can ensure a higher retention and long term success for our physicians it is an important part of our process to interview current staff members in which the provider will work with on a regular basis. We are not "Match Dating" or "Harmony Healthcare" with 21 different compatibility tools to help us bring client and provider together, and if it helps reassure the compatibility with your current employees is addressed and added value and strength of loyalty for their current situation.. How many times has a recruiter or trained 'pipeline recruitment" staffing team member offered that type of detail to strive for perfection in a candidate search? We place physicians and healthcare professionals we would be proud to take our very own children or family member too! If I will not use the physician, you can be sure our clients will not have to.


We are a full-service Physician Staffing Agency offering your facility or practice all the credentialing, logistical, licensing support as we are legally able to offer. We provide all locum tenens providers with the highest medical mal practice insurance from an A+ rated carrier. Our entire team of dedicated, experienced physician recruiters, marketers, account managers believe in working with our clients to maintain and improve their ability to offer the highest levels of healthcare to their patients. We work together to serve our clients, physicians, and our own teams healthy futures for all of your staffing needs in all stages of the search and careers. Our physicians believe in providing comprehensive health care services to our patients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We also believe in learning additional tools and personal details that matter to each individual client and even more detailed for each individual position we are able to fill. We want more for our future relationships with each client than we currently have, so we also help consult and educate clients and physicians as we work to achieve the best possible healthcare staffing has to offer. 

To speak to one of our many certified marketing professionals, please call: (866) 229-5066.